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A Gunbot strategy is a set of rules that govern how a bot trades. The main building blocks are the buy and sell methods, which determine when the bot is allowed to place orders. Strategies can be assigned to one or more trading pairs.

Gunbot comes with 15 preset strategies that are ready to use after making minimal changes such as setting the amount you can spend.

You can create an unlimited number of custom strategies.

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09 июня 2020, вторник

Buy & sell methods

Gunbot offers 15 different ways to place orders. All methods can be freely combined in a custom strategy, for example, you can configure Gunbot to buy an asset as a percentage of the lower Bollinger Band and sell that asset using a trailing stop / stop loss method.

Methods are the main trigger for an order. In addition, you can use a set of confirmation indicators to indicate the conditions under which you want to allow trading. Each method can use a customizable stop limit.

You can use a wide range of Japanese candlestick periods. Select purchase methods.

Available methods:

  • Average Directional Index (ADX): Determine the minimum ADX level to be reached before trading.
  • Average True Range (ATR) Trailing Stop: A method that uses the ATR indicator for a custom trailing stop.
  • Bollinger Bands - Percentage Distance from Bollinger Bands: Trade when the price reaches a configurable percentage of the lower or upper Bollinger Bands
  • EMA spread: trade when the spread between the slow and fast EMA increases / decreases. The minimum required spread is configurable.
  • Emotionless: The “just works” method, suitable for any custom setting. Ideal for beginner traders.
  • Gain: Buy with a configurable percentage below the EMA, sell when a set percentage is reached above the break-even point.
  • Ichimoku: trade at the intersection of Kijun Sen and Tenkan Sen streets. Cloud (Kumo) can be used as additional confirmation.
  • MACDH: trade when the MACD histogram and the zero line cross.
  • PingPong: Buy and Sell at fine-tuned prices.
  • Stepgain: Using the built-in trend detector, trade when a downtrend turns into an uptrend and vice versa.
  • SMA cross: trade on the crossovers of slow and fast simple moving averages.
  • Time series analysis: tries to predict the close price of the next period, trade when the forecast is higher / lower than the current price.
  • Trailing stop / stop limit: When using custom trailing ranges for buy and sell, prices are tracked for optimal entry and exit points. Orders are placed when a trailing stop is triggered. Trailing stop / stop limit: using configurable trailing ranges for buying and selling, prices are trailed for optimal entry and exit points. Orders are placed when the trailing stop is hit.
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09 июня 2020, вторник

Confirming indicators

To perfect your trading strategy, you can set up confirming indicators that limit your buy / sell method only when certain indicators are within your specified range. For example, allow to place buy orders only when RSI is equal to or below 30.

The period settings for each indicator are fully customizable.

Available supporting indicators:

  • ADX
  • RSI
  • Stochastic
  • StochRSI
  • MFI
  • EMA spread
  • EMA
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09 июня 2020, вторник

Additional trailing

For most types of orders, additional trailing can be used to achieve optimal entry or exit points.

For example, you have set up a buy method that allows you to buy when prices hit the lower Bollinger Band. Without additional trailing, a buy order is placed as soon as the price hits the bottom line. With a trailing stop, Gunbot follows prices as they dip further down and only buys after the trailing stop is reached, when the price is still at or below the lower Bollinger band.

Types of orders that allow additional trailing:

  • Ordinary buy order
  • Ordinary sell order
  • DCA buy order
  • Cancellation of a buy order
  • Cancel a sell order (when the price is higher than the last buy order)
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09 июня 2020, вторник

Dollar cost averaging (DCA)

The Double up method is a Gunbot method for automatically averaging declining assets, also called dollar averaging or DCA. This method allows you to achieve a lower average unit price when prices decline, resulting in a lower possible exit price.

DCA behavior is highly customizable. You can set the following parameters:

  • Trigger for DCA orders: select an RSI range or a price that crosses the upper Bollinger line.
  • The minimum price difference between a buy order in DCA.
  • The number of DCA orders placed.
  • Relation to the amount of currency already available that will be purchased with each DCA order.
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09 июня 2020, вторник

Reversal trading

Gunbot can automatically accumulate currency when the price drops without investing more than the original buy order. This is a reversal strategy that can lower the break-even point of your investment.

In the case of the Reversal trading reversal strategy, Gunbot will sell the existing positions when the price drops by a configurable percentage, and then buy back more positions using only the funds received from the previous sell order. This process can be repeated as long as prices (price, everywhere singular) continue to fall, even if the market is in a fever after the initial fall in price.

Accumulating, Gunbot keeps track of the trading fees (commissions) paid in the process. As soon as the price reaches the breakeven point, it will continue with normal trading.

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09 июня 2020, вторник

Balance options

You can set limits for each pair on the amount of base currency to invest in a trade. The trading limit can be set as an absolute amount or as a percentage of the available base currency.

When selling, you can choose to sell the entire currency of the position or keep a certain amount of the currency of the position.

Gunbot can be configured to ignore dust: small balances below the minimum trade size.

A fund reservation function is available to permanently store the absolute amount of the base currency.

If you wish, you can automatically withdraw the received profit in BTC.

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